Sophie is a sports physiotherapist specializing in sports and dance. Today she is working as a physiotherapist and scientific research assistant at a private clinic that is specializing on chronic pain and dancers (Center for Integrative Therapy, Stuttgart, Germany).


URBAN DANCE HEALTH is an interactive workshop designed to educate dancers on the fundamentals of dance medicine and specific knowledge on injury prevention of urban dancers. Dancers are taught to apply principles and exercises easily through a combination of lectures and practical exercises. Information is based on the latest research from dance and sport science.


Since 2012 Sophie has dedicated herself especially to the field of dance medicine. At the moment she is coordinating various projects, with the main focus on dance-injury prevention and high performance training for urban dancers. At the beginning of 2014 Sophie founded URBAN DANCE HEALTH, a plattform where experts in health and urban dance can share their knowledge about dance medicine.


As an experienced dancer and physiotherapist Sophie knows how important the own, functioning body is. Because of this, she created Tutorials about the shoulder, wrist, spine and lower extremities. Though this videos are especially dedicated to urban dancers, everybody can learn a lot about the body and how to strengthen, stretch and prevent typical injuries.


In cooperation with the CIT research team, Sophie has conducted two scientific, clinical studies with a total of 141 bboys. In September 2015 they have been invited to the International Fascia Research Congress to present the studies. Honorably, the bboy study has received the 3rd prize for best poster presentations.


At early age Sophie was trained in the areas of ballet, modern dance, contemporary, jazz and dance theater. Since 2002 she has participated in numerous urban dance competitions, including hip hop, locking, popping, newstyle and house. Since 2007 Sophie dived into the world of breakdance and ever since has established a name for herself on an international level.


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Founder and CEO of Urban Dance Health, International Workshop Leader


Sports physiotherapist BSc MA, Certificate in dance medicine and Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy


Breaking since 2007, Urban Dance since 2002, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Dance Theater since 1999